One Stop Shopping For Your Wellness and Weight Loss Goals

healthy weightlossAt How to Lose Weight Diets, we offer lifestyle change programs and resources that will help you achieve the naturally healthy weight that is right for you.

No calorie counting.

No need to go hungry.

Find programs that appeal to you.

Choose plans, cookbooks, and exercise programs that fit your lifestyle and offer permanent solutions to help you form new, permanent eating habits to achieve and maintain a healthy body and a healthy weight.

This is not about temporary changes that have temporary results. This is about finding and choosing a plan that provides long term results, so you will feel good, look good, and live with vitality and energy.

You can reach a place where you are at your optimal health. You can overcome at least some of the damage done to your body or you can avoid doing damage in the first place.  Check out these resources and see what you think will work for you.

Paleo Plans

The Paleo Diet is a permanent solution to lose excess weight and regain a healthier diet and lifestyle. The Paleo Diet is gluten free, grain free, dairy free, and legume free. The emphasis is on plant foods and hormone free meats, eggs, and fish. This is a satisfying diet that meets all nutritional needs.

To receive a free PDF with a more detailed explanation of the Paleo Diet, click here.

Paleo Restart


Paleo Cookbooks

Find hundreds of delicious, satisfying recipes to meet your dietary needs. Family pleasing options included.

Try before you buy. click here for some free Paleo recipes from the authors of Paleo Cookbooks. Delicious foods to feed and please the whole family.

Paleo Cookbooks - Recipes for the Paleo Diet


CrockPot Girls Recipe Collection


Realign Your Body to Reduce Pain and Resolve Joint, Muscle, and Back Pain


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